'Safe-T': Public Safety Through the Lens of Technology

13 February 2019

3:15PM – 4:30PM

Session Topics:

  • How Command & Control Centres can improve public safety
  • Using ICT infrastructure & IoT for Predictive Crime control
  • Privacy versus security
  • Cybersecurity for Smart Cities

With rapid urbanization due to increasing population and urban migration, public safety and security has become a key issue which needs urgent attention as it is key pillar for quality of life in cities.

In India, we have multiple public safety agenices, but there needs to be greater collaboration among them, so as to improve delayed responses for a public safety situation and loss of life/property. 

Safe City/Public Safety is a key pillar for any Smart City. With the integration of smart citizen-centric services with the safety and security infrastructure, the city would be able to ensure sustainability and socio-economic growth. Discussing the ways to integrate technology to ensure greater public safery, our session titled ‘Safe-T’ will explore avenues and solutions with a panel of experts from around the world, bringing their own stories, solutions and case studies to the forefront of Smart Urbanation.