Tackling Traffic Tantrums

13 February 2019

2:00PM – 3:15PM

Session Topics:

  • Strategic mobility planning and project design for urban transport
  • Striking the balance between mass transit and private transport
  • Parking solutions in bustling metro cities
  • The need for incorporating electric vehicles
  • Driverless cars, drone taxis and the future of automation

India’s biggest cities are subjected to traffic congestion every day, and the commuters are bearing the burden. Transport demand in India has increased by almost eight times since the 1980s as rapid economic development and increasing wealth among households has led to higher vehicle ownership. In fact, this is higher than anywhere else in the Asia-Pacific region! Partly attributable to India’s large population and high population density, as well as additional traffic cause due to expanding metro network in many cities, the reliance on cars is slowly but surely increasing, adding more pressure to road networks.

Bengaluru itself is constantly ranked in the top 3 cities in India with traffic problems, especially during peak hours. Keeping this in mind, Smart Urbanation’s session on ‘Tackling Traffic Tantrums’ will be the optimal stage to discuss the issues of traffic in India, and to find innovative, smart solutions for the same.