Company Name Products/Services Website
AJB Parking Management and Boom Gates
ET International Logistics Company Ltd Logistics and custom clearance
Arch Age Design Company Ltd Planning design and architecture
Broad Air Conditioning Non-electric Air conditioning powered by natural gas and waste heat
Broad Homes Industries Group Co.,Ltd Precast concrete components, furniture, new naterials, recycled building material
Broad Engineering Design Co.,Ltd Architectural and building material design, consultancy and service, decorationdesign
Broad Construction Engineering Co.,Ltd Building project construction
Broad Homes Industrial International Construction Co.,Ltd Precast concrete building
Hunan Veney E-commerce Technology Co.,Ltd Canned Longan, Kivi juice, pineapple juice, arange juice, rice made drink
HUNAN 3T NEW MATERIAL CO., LTD Construction Technology
Changsha Greenstar Environment Protection Technology Co.,Ltd The comprehensive gas treatment(desulphurzation and denitration, dust) EFC; The waste water treatment EFC; Environment restoration(heavy metals,organic compound) EPC.
Changsha Country Envr Tech Co.,Ltd Water Purification Technology
Hunan Greenstar Intelligent Control System Co.,Ltd. Industrial automation control system, information management system,intelligent control system and large data application services in the field of environment protection
Hunan Probio Environment Co.,Ltd Biological compound reagent, Spray deodorant machine, the deodorization system of negative pressure of the public toilet, remote fog gun deodorant, biological washing deodorization system
Hunan Kinglv Environment Protection Co.,Ltd The integration equipment and processing technology of industrial wastewater, domestic wastewater, and lectroplating wastewater, solid waste treatment equipment and intelligent system, soil remediation technology and medicament
Meishan Make Online Device Co Industrial Gas chromatograph
Chengdu Maesinfo Co Ltd Tech for smart Cities
Sichuan Senpu Pipe Co Ltd Plastic pipe and fitting products, and associated engineering, implementation and installation services
Sichuan Sino -Jungle Info Tech Ltd Co Smart Transportation
Chengdu Maisi Chuangzhi Technology Co., Ltd. Tech for Smart Cities
Chengdu Maipu International Infotech Co., Ltd. Router, Switchboard, Wireless, GPON, Cloud Application
Sichuan XinRong Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Sandstone Relief, Engineering Slab
Poly Solar Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd. PV power station, PV power generation system, PV lighting system, PV water pump system, PV smart house system and various solar energy power supply application solutions
Ningbo Qixin Solar Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd
Shaanxi Wubentang Gardening Landscape Co. Ltd. Gardening Landscape, Stock growing
Shaanxi Kuangshi Solar Technology Co. Ltd. Reproducible energy resources, photovoltaic
Xi’an Herong Electric Engineering Co. Ltd. Power capacitor, electric reactor
Shaanxi Zhongke Trenchless Technology Co. Ltd. Intelligent city
China National Heavy Machinery Research Institute Co. Ltd. Clean & environment protection
Xi’an Weikeduo Electrical & Mechanical Equipment Co. Ltd. Intelligent city
Shaanxi Gokang Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd. Reproducible energy resources, LED lighting
Sunny Science & Technology Development Co. Ltd. Intelligent city
Xi’an Holiday Software Co. Ltd. Intelligent city
Shaanxi Kaistar Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. Intelligent city
Shaanxi Adot Lighting Co. Ltd. Reproducible energy resources, LED lighting
Xi’an Hangang Chemical Co. Ltd. Housing, Construction new materials
Shaanxi Eversafe Era Real Estate Co., Ltd. Intelligent city, infrastructure development
Shaanxi Xintong Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. Solar energy
Xi’an Liangtai Insulation Decoration Material Co. Ltd. Housing, construction new materials
Shaanxi Jiasheng Science & Technology Development Co. Ltd. Cleaning & medical equipment
Shaanxi Non-Ferrous Tian Hong REC Silicon Materials Co. Ltd. Solar, Granular Polysilicon, High-purity Silane gas, Electronic grade polysilicon
Beijing Jiarui Environmental Protection Co. Ltd. Environment protection equipment, Filtering equipment, water purification flocculants, filter, filler, and other sewage treatment equipment
POWERCHINA INTERNATIONAL GROUP LIMITED Comprehensive and full-range of services from planning, investigation, designing, consulting, civil works construction to M&E installation and manufacturing services in the fields of hydropower, thermal power, new energy and infrastructure. Our business also extends into real estate, investment, finance, and O&M services.
Guangzhou Industrial Development Group Co. Ltd. Household Electrical Refrigerating Appliance, Fanner (Household and Industrial Appliance), Garden outdoor Products, Battery, ELECTRICAL OVEN, Electronics, Foodstuff, Hardware
Guangdong provincial Academy of Building Research Group Co. Ltd. Engineering Technology
China Railway Signal & Communication(changsha) Metro-Tansportation Control Technology Co. Ltd. Provider of railway signal and communication technology, products and services